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YES! Finally!

EVERYONE! ATTENTION EVERYONE! I have found something that I've been looking for a while now. I have finally found a site that analyzes the whole FLCL anime. Every episode in great detail in what they believe to be the symbolism behind every weird thing you'v seen in this great and wonderful work of art that you didn't quite understand. And here is the link:

Okay... guys... it's okay. I know you love me right now... but it's okay, save your "I love you's" for another time. ( ~ _>) Okay nevermind, I WANT THEM ALL RIGHT NOW! Every last one of my "I love you's", keep 'em coming :]
Yeah so tell what you think about my find and how well I did ;]

........::::::::::peace easy::::::::::........
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They did a really great job on the sexual symbolism of the show, but I didn't like the author's judgement of some of Naota's narrations as "melodramatic". I think that, along with the sexual symbolism of FLCL, there were other messages about the restriction and imprisonment of small towns and small-town mentalities have on people. That's what I think Naota was referring to when he talked in those narrations and I think it's what the mist symbolized spewing out of Medical Mechanica.
Okay, so what do you think about [ME] finding the site, lol. No, I agree, there symbolisms that they didn't express too well. ^ - ^
... all i'm gonna say is (...) i love you