Cesar (thejedipunk) wrote in harukofans,

new shit

the pillows are schedualed to release a new single called "Nonfiction" two days before their birthday. additionally they are releasing, on the same day, a dvd of the recent Delicious Bump Tour in the USA. it is not clear at this point as to which show will be on the dvd or if they will go with several amounts of footage from the different shows.

as for the single, i can confirm to you that the song "Nonfiction" has already been played at live shows in japan. this was confirmed to the pillows fanbase by a fan, who, while from chicago, is studying in japan, attended one of their shows before embarking on the US tour. i have no knowledge of how this song goes, so don't bother asking.

Nonfiction single

Delicious Bump Tour in the USA

according to another fan, and good friend of the jedi, the dvd is available for pre-order.

according to another fan that happens to know japanese, and i quote "the description at Tower Japan mentions that first press editions will each come with tickets, and if you collect all three and send them in you can get pillows goods. It's probably a T-shirt, just like the promotion for TERMINAL HEAVEN'S ROCK and the DVDs. As for the third ticket, they mention a scheduled release for November 23rd. I'm wagering that this will be a new album."

this information will be posted on other communities.
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